Welcome to the SustainabilityYard


The App built to help you;

  1. BUY/SELL OR GIVEAWAY – excess building materials.
     SustainabilityYard are starting a NO WASTE revolution within the building and DIY industry. We want to promote the circular economy of surplus, reusable materials.
  2. GENERATE YOUR OWN SUSTAINABILITY REPORT – you can calculate the embodied carbon of the materials you have sold and the weight of the materials that you have sold and stopped from going to landfill.


Here at SustainabilityYard we want to start a NO WASTE revolution within the building and DIY industry. Every year 420million tonnes of building materials are bought with 120million tonnes of that going to landfill…can you believe it?

We are so passionate about cutting down on waste within the industry that we have made our App completely FREE to download and use – we don’t take a commission from your sale.

Buy/sell or giveaway your excess building or DIY materials for FREE and stop them from going to landfill, or even worse, having to pay to put it in a skip!

As seen on:

Sold 250 Spanish slates to a bloke doing up his garden shed. I didn't have a use for them!
Ben Kidwell, Builder
Bought 32 sheets of pink plasterboard off a building site in the same town as me. They gave me them for £2 each!!
John Saddleworth, Tradesman
“Sold 48M of Kingspan to a local builder that was going to go in the skip otherwise”
Matt Tomkins - Property Developer
“Bought a bag full of floplast couplings for an extension I’m doing at home. Saved a fortune by not going to the merchants”
Mick Taylor - DIY Enthusiast
“Found a bargain on a batch of plasterboards left over from a job in the next town to me”
David King - King Building